Real Time Unusual Option Market Flow

Get fast Market Action data on what symbols and tickers the “smart money” is trading. The Market Action app provides a web and mobile app platform to uncover unusual options trades in near real time data for retail options traders.

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Features Built for the Retail Options Trader to help follow the Smart Money Trades in our easy to use Mobile & Desktop Apps.

Realtime Market Action Summary

Market’s moves fast and it is hard to keep an eye on all the Market Activity and analyze it at the same time. At Market Action, We analyze all the data and bring forward information in our widgets to help you identify the most active trades occurring in real time. Follow the Market Action in Realtime on our summary dashboard.

Tickers Flow Analysis

Quickly analyze the options flow for any ticker symbol and get a general direction on what the flow is predicting, what strike’s or options contracts are being traded throughout the day.


Market Sentiment

Real Time market sentiment based on unusual options order flow.

Mobile Friendly UI

An app experience that works seamlessly in Web, tablets or mobile devices. Multiple dashboards designed to help you follow the options flow on any desktop, tablet or mobile devices.


Filter out information for symbols that you want to watch options activity for by creating watchlists. Create unlimited watchlists for stocks & ETF’s you want to follow

Push Alerts

Don’t miss out on key alerts. Get alerts on desktop even when you are not logged in.

Historical Data

Search data for various time frames to check historical order flow.

Advanced Filters

Easily filter out the data for symbols and options premiums to align with your personal trading strategy. Use numeric data ranges to filter out data, or use our prebuilt filters for quick filtering.





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We partner with the best data sources to deliver Market Activity that you can trust.
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